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Services & Baseline Rates

Prices are in USD

Dental Web Copy

Web page: 175 per page

Homepage: 385 per page

Product description: 85 per page

Dental Content Marketing Copy

Social media copy: 40 per post

Blog (per 500 words): with byline 100, ghostwritten 150

Case study: 315

Article: 425

Editing/Optimizing Existing Content

I touch up existing content at 50% of my usual rate for writing the piece from scratch. 

Please note that these rates represent my baseline level. 

Depending on the nature of your project, how research-intensive it is, and which skills or resources I need to engage to accomplish the task, I may need more time to complete it and this will affect the final price. 

Be assured that the price I quote you is exactly what I will charge. There will be NO surprise charges along the way. 🙂

My quoted price covers: project-related communications, all necessary resources, the final deliverable, the time I spend researching and writing, and unlimited edits within 14 days after I send you a completed draft. 

I include this 2-week grace period because I can't create exceptional content without tons of your feedback. 

I'm not happy until you are!

Attention Web Designers!

Are you a web design agency looking for a niche copywriter to help with a project for a dental client? 

I’d love to work with you! Contact me to discuss your project and budget.

Sounds great! Let's get started.